Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Kristen's Custom Creations?

Kristen at La Dolce Vita has an Etsy shop! She makes hand-stamped jewelry that is amazing, and also donates portions of her proceeds to a different charity each month! How cool is that?!

Please check her out!! This is one of her necklaces and she has given it to The Mom at Cheaper Than Therapy to Give Away! I don't normally enter for give away's but I really want this one, so don't go to her website and enter!!!


The Mom said...

Thanks for spreading the word. Just to let you know, there are 3 chances to win...posting about it and writing what you truly wish for was the first entry. Then commenting to Kristen is second, sidebar 3rd. I have 4 comments from you so i'll delete one. Just letting you know you're all in! ;)

Jo-Jo said...

Oh, I hate to bust your bubble but I am sooo going to enter this one!

Shannon said...

I've ordered from Kristen before... and I've also hosted an "e-show". I love her stuff! I've been happy with both necklaces I've gotten from her. And she is super-nice.