Monday, June 29, 2009

Look who's turning double digits!!!

Look how 10 whole years changes you!!! I swear its the same kid!!! Even with the red icing all over her teeth from her cake!!
~Happy Birthday my beautiful Macy~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Thousand Word Thursday

Yep, that is a squirrel that decided he wanted to hang out in our room while Geoff and I were in Florida for a work trip.....totally should have seen me scrambling to turn the camera on before he made a run for it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my cup is half full

Alright, no more complaining about my injuries and the damn car accident. From now on, its all about how the cup is half full. I am so thankful to God that my children are alive and I am able to sit here and utilize blogger for therapy.

I can sit here and whine and complain but I am sure that no one really wants to hear it or cares. So guess what?!?! Yesterday while driving home from dropping off the 3 older girls from summer school, Sophie and I found a turtle on the road. We find them all the time and we bring them home. They are our pet for the day or two, until they decide that they miss their mommy and daddy and they go home. We just hang out with them in the back yard. Well its been so stinkin' hot and humid here that even at 8 am I was not about to just hang out in the back yard to play with "Turdy". So I let Turdy come in the house. He crawled around the kitchen for about an hour and Sophie kept throwing lettuce at him yelling, "Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!" He had no interest in the lettuce. So we were headed out to hang with our buddies for a few hours and I went to jump in the shower and 'forgot' that there was a turtle in the house. Sophie jumped in the shower with me and the turtle was free. Halfway through the shower I remembered that there was a turtle in the house!!! Yes, I think that I have lost my marbles. Anyway, we could not find him anywhere. Little Turdy was hiding behind the curtains trying to escape the indoors. I guess that he likes the 100 degree 99% humidity we are being assaulted with. So we took him to the sandbox in hopes that he would still be there and not have escaped by the time we came back home. NO such luck. They always get out of there and go home to their mommy and daddy. But at least we had fun with Turdy while he was around.

Friday, June 19, 2009


So apparently I have separated my AC Joint. Which means absolutely nothing to me so I went HERE to figure out what that meant!
Doc said that mine is a Grade II. SO now I have to contact another place for therapy. I just hate that this was not found while I was in the hospital complaining about my shoulder pain for 2 days.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


One big white tube looking thing + Me (inthetube) +4 daughters in the waiting room(unsupervised) = totally crazed out momma!

I totally thought that I was going to panic. I have never had an MRI, but it was horrifying. I guess maybe I have a little claustrophobia I never knew I had. I had to keep my eyes closed or I freaked out. It lasted about 25 minutes!!!! I thought that technology was better than that. That was also the first time that I have driven in the car with all 4 girls farther then the 1 mile to school. Macy was the worst. White knuckles and telling me to slow down every second. Kae whimpering in the back seat like she was being tortured. What a nightmare. I will find out the results tomorrow. I hope that my shoulder is not too serious. I need to get some sort of physical therapy to get this elbow moving again. This being hurt is for the birds. I can't stand not being able to do my thing. {with my luck I will have nothing wrong with me and I will finally come to the realization that I am just a big sissy and can't stand pain}.

Please say a prayer for me that I am not just a sissy and all of my complaining to my husband has not been for nuthin'

A Thousand Word Thursday

Check out my girl~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

cool friends poem thingy that i found and enjoy~

My girls are tough

Its crazy the way children are. My girls are tough, but a little skittish now around vehicles. It makes sense and I am not upset with them I just wish that they could get over it easier. In our school district they over a fun and educational summer school during the month of June. The buses run and the cafeteria is open just like regular school. Now I have had run-ins with my bus driver before and I really don't care for her much and she bothers me. Since the twins are entering into Kindergarten in the fall they can attend summer school. Well Kae has some separation anxiety and we have been working on that, but when they got on the bus for the first time our lovely bus driver split all 3 of my girls up. Number 1, they had just been in the car accident 4 days before. Number 2, this was their first bus ride and Number 3, Kae can't be split from Macy or Emma. So with all of that in play, the bus driver, lets call her Elvira, splits up the girls and then Kae screams bloody murder. So Macy talks to Elvira and she lets them sit together. Well then 3 school days later, she splits them up again. Blood curdling screams ensue and Macy tells Elvira, well she said she yelled at her. So Macy yells at Elvira that she can't split them So they are sitting together and Elvira is driving along and swerves into the grass. All 3 of my girls start freaking out and crying. Then she starts yelling at my girls. C'mon people what is wrong with this woman? I think she has a vendeda against me. I have called the Bus Barn so many times to complain about her that she is out for my girls. So thats it. They are not riding the bus to summer school anymore. When school starts they are going to have to sometimes. They can't always be scared of the bus? What do I do?

The girls have also been telling me things that they remember from the accident. Flying fruit snacks to icky smelling metal and how they felt. Emma told me yesterday that the ambulance driver told her that he knew God was with us during the accident. How wonderful is that? Its been hard to hear some of it since I can't remember being there. I was apparently alert, but not making sense when I tried to talk so that had to freak them out too.
Oh and can you believe that the City of St Louis is billing me $1122.00 for myself and Sophie's ambulance ride. And we were in the SAME ambulance! I am sure that my gurney was not gold plated and I know that I didn't require any name brand bandages. I am not picky like that at all. Those are just the first rounds of bills. Only the first 2! This is going to be fun. Maybe I will keep a running total of everything. It will be interesting anyway. I just paid the City of St Louis $120 for Geoff running a red light by his work 2 months ago! And I had just gotten some cute plastic tortise shell frames and they were toast and no where to be found. Come to find out that the insurance company will not cover I am stuck with my old ugly crooked ones again!

I am also finding out that even though you have FULL coverage auto insurance its not really FULL coverage if you have a one-car accident!

Friday, June 12, 2009

well its will been 2 weeks today and I still feel like poo. I got my stitches out yesterday. And I still need to get an MRI to see whats up with the shoulder. I can't bring my arm up over my head and when I try to put my arms down at my side, one arm is longer then the other. Its pretty funny looking. The girls are still talking about the accident and seem real scared when I mention driving again! Baby Steps.......But since I have not had any issues with my right hand/arm, I have taken advantage of my so called free time and been taking some pics. So enjoy.

Sweet Peas from the garden. I love that the girls run in there and break pea pods and just eat the peas fresh from the garden when they want a 'snack'

Calm before the storm in the midwest

Onions in the garden

Corn in the garden

Saturday, June 6, 2009

past 7 days feels like its only been 2 days.

First off you will have to excuse my typing. I can only type with 1 hand. Last Saturday morn the 4 girls and i were headed to Soldiers Memorial in downtown St Louis to meet my husband at a Welcome Home ceremony for the troops. My husband was supposed to get an award! Of course i found this out later! It was a big deal, rides, food, The Dave Glover Band was performing.....we were excited. The girls were all decked out in their red white and blue. They looked so cute. Wish I had taken a picture of them before we left. So we crossed over the Blanchette Bridge in St Charles and that is the last thing that I can remember. I can't remember driving into the city on hwy 70, I keep trying. But my next memory was in the SLU Hospital ER that afternoon. My girls, I was told were all OK. They were across the street at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital being treated for cuts and bruises. Sophie had a bump on her forehead, Kae had a scrape on her forehead, Emma has a bruise on her belly from her seat belt and Macy has a banged up elbow. It had been raining that morning and the roads were wet. The police report states i lost control of my Envoy XL and it slid across towards the middle of the highway, hit and tore off the top of a 7 foot section of the concrete median and then the SUV rolled over. Eye witness reports state that it rolled 3 times, but we have no idea. My girls say all that they remember was 'tumbling' in the car. And I was apparently ejected from the car but through the passengers side window. Miraculously Macy was able to get her siblings out of the car and ask a lady that stopped for help and she called Geoff on the phone. He was only 10 minutes away and got there about 2 minutes before the ambulances. My next memories were jaded and in the ER and the hospital. The orbital bone that holds my left eye is fractured and has produced a purplish/black eye, I have about 50 stitches in my left arm, some of my ribs are separated and my shoulder hurts like hell. I keep finding shards of glass in me. I even pulled a big hunk of window glass out of my purse last night! I have cuts, scrapes and bruises all over my whole body. Seeing a picture of my car was very hard for me since I do not remember any of the accident. I spent 2 days in SLU Hospital and its all a blur.
I can't even begin to think about how to start to thank the people at the scene of the accident. The lady that held Sophie and the other lady that let Macy use her phone and I am sure that there are countless others. These are just the ones that I have been told about. What about the EMT's & Police Officers? What about the countless people that may of just drove by but still said a prayer to themselves? How do I thank my husband for being so strong and holding it together for all of us? Angie, for getting on FaceBook and letting the word out so that my Church family could organize meals every night for 2 weeks for my family, so that my Pastor could come and Pray over Geoff and I. What about all of the hand written notes and flowers and plants that we have gotten? My mother-in-law for staying with us this past week and keeping the house from falling apart? She also brought me some kinda feather bed thing that I am sleeping wonderfully on many hours a day. Jennifer brought me her mp3 player and I was able to hear Chris Tomlin and Mark Roach sing me to sleep. Gail, washed my feet and hands for the first time the day after the accident at the hospital (that had to have been gross). Natalie & Michael brought me good reads. Geoff said that I am a bad patient so I must apologize to my nurses and Dr's. My girlfriends that have stopped by to check on me and make sure that I will still be at the gym in the next few weeks!!! Andrea, you are the best listener, thanks. All of the well wishes that I have been messaged on FaceBook.......

I could go on....the outpouring of support is amazing and nothing that I have ever experienced in my life. But by the grace of God I can sit here in a little bit of pain and type this with one hand and I am still alive, along with my 4 precious daughters. God, thank you for being there and keeping my babies safe and protected.