Sunday, June 14, 2009

My girls are tough

Its crazy the way children are. My girls are tough, but a little skittish now around vehicles. It makes sense and I am not upset with them I just wish that they could get over it easier. In our school district they over a fun and educational summer school during the month of June. The buses run and the cafeteria is open just like regular school. Now I have had run-ins with my bus driver before and I really don't care for her much and she bothers me. Since the twins are entering into Kindergarten in the fall they can attend summer school. Well Kae has some separation anxiety and we have been working on that, but when they got on the bus for the first time our lovely bus driver split all 3 of my girls up. Number 1, they had just been in the car accident 4 days before. Number 2, this was their first bus ride and Number 3, Kae can't be split from Macy or Emma. So with all of that in play, the bus driver, lets call her Elvira, splits up the girls and then Kae screams bloody murder. So Macy talks to Elvira and she lets them sit together. Well then 3 school days later, she splits them up again. Blood curdling screams ensue and Macy tells Elvira, well she said she yelled at her. So Macy yells at Elvira that she can't split them So they are sitting together and Elvira is driving along and swerves into the grass. All 3 of my girls start freaking out and crying. Then she starts yelling at my girls. C'mon people what is wrong with this woman? I think she has a vendeda against me. I have called the Bus Barn so many times to complain about her that she is out for my girls. So thats it. They are not riding the bus to summer school anymore. When school starts they are going to have to sometimes. They can't always be scared of the bus? What do I do?

The girls have also been telling me things that they remember from the accident. Flying fruit snacks to icky smelling metal and how they felt. Emma told me yesterday that the ambulance driver told her that he knew God was with us during the accident. How wonderful is that? Its been hard to hear some of it since I can't remember being there. I was apparently alert, but not making sense when I tried to talk so that had to freak them out too.
Oh and can you believe that the City of St Louis is billing me $1122.00 for myself and Sophie's ambulance ride. And we were in the SAME ambulance! I am sure that my gurney was not gold plated and I know that I didn't require any name brand bandages. I am not picky like that at all. Those are just the first rounds of bills. Only the first 2! This is going to be fun. Maybe I will keep a running total of everything. It will be interesting anyway. I just paid the City of St Louis $120 for Geoff running a red light by his work 2 months ago! And I had just gotten some cute plastic tortise shell frames and they were toast and no where to be found. Come to find out that the insurance company will not cover I am stuck with my old ugly crooked ones again!

I am also finding out that even though you have FULL coverage auto insurance its not really FULL coverage if you have a one-car accident!


Marla said...

good luck getting thru all that red tape... sometimes i think that is worse than what caused it...

Angela Harris said...

First of all the Bus Driver thing! Ha:) She has met her match with me. This will be my first time sending Jeadin to school in August and I'm all ready on edge. If they don't treat him like royalty I'll go take them all down!! That lady needs to be fired immediately!
I'm so sorry to hear about the insurance and billings. I can't believe after horrible things like this happen you still have to deal with this stress so long afterwards.
I wish you grace and patience during this process.
Except with Elvira!! she's going down!!!

Christee said...

About the bus to your neighbors and have them call too. We had an awful bus driver & I called them so many times--we now have a NEW bus driver!! :) I'm sure the bus driver doesn't have anything against your kids, shw just sounds like an unhappy person!! A few chocolate chip pancakes sent her way in the morning night cheer her up!

Thats awful about the ambulance fees. Your medical insurance doesn't cover any of that? There's no way they can charge you that much!! Hope it all works out...keep us posted.