Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my cup is half full

Alright, no more complaining about my injuries and the damn car accident. From now on, its all about how the cup is half full. I am so thankful to God that my children are alive and I am able to sit here and utilize blogger for therapy.

I can sit here and whine and complain but I am sure that no one really wants to hear it or cares. So guess what?!?! Yesterday while driving home from dropping off the 3 older girls from summer school, Sophie and I found a turtle on the road. We find them all the time and we bring them home. They are our pet for the day or two, until they decide that they miss their mommy and daddy and they go home. We just hang out with them in the back yard. Well its been so stinkin' hot and humid here that even at 8 am I was not about to just hang out in the back yard to play with "Turdy". So I let Turdy come in the house. He crawled around the kitchen for about an hour and Sophie kept throwing lettuce at him yelling, "Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!" He had no interest in the lettuce. So we were headed out to hang with our buddies for a few hours and I went to jump in the shower and 'forgot' that there was a turtle in the house. Sophie jumped in the shower with me and the turtle was free. Halfway through the shower I remembered that there was a turtle in the house!!! Yes, I think that I have lost my marbles. Anyway, we could not find him anywhere. Little Turdy was hiding behind the curtains trying to escape the indoors. I guess that he likes the 100 degree 99% humidity we are being assaulted with. So we took him to the sandbox in hopes that he would still be there and not have escaped by the time we came back home. NO such luck. They always get out of there and go home to their mommy and daddy. But at least we had fun with Turdy while he was around.


Kristina P. said...

That turtle is so cool! Glad you were able to rescue it.