Thursday, February 11, 2010

Team River Runner

So my husband bought one of these this week!!
He is joining this group called
Team River Runner
. It is for Veterans. Its a very cool organization. I told him that as long as he wore a helmet and did not run off to the Grand Canyon to kayak without me that I would support his latest endeavor!

poop deck

So I got an A on the first 2 papers that I had to write! I think maybe my teacher accidentally gave me someone else's grade?!?
So we were attacked by winter weather this week. The girls finally went back to school today!! I am so glad that we can resume normalcy. I surely enjoy my girls being home but man am I happy when we can get back to the routine.
I made chili the other night for dinner and we sat down to eat dinner and Macy innocently asked why sailors refer to their boats as 'she'. Geoff made up some lame answer and we all laughed and then I am not sure how but the convo went from pirates and boats to the 'poop deck' and the girls could not contain themselves. It did not help that we were eating chili. The uncontrollable laughter, giggles and snorting were something that I will never forget.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Food Fest

So I am now sort of adjusting to school. 5 classes and 4 kids, etc. I can do it, right? Like I said before, it will be like going through child birth. I will forget how hard it was when its all over!
So since when is it okay to eat in class? I can understand a drink or gum, is college. BUT how about a Subway sandwich? Oh better yet a box of animal crackers?? Last week one guy brought in a package of saltines?? Its not like this is *quiet* food. Chex mix, Cheetos, deli sandwich from QT. I just don't get it. First of all its gross and second of all its rude! So after dealing with the crazy parking lot daily, I also have to endure noisy foods and rude people that don't know how to eat with their mouths closed!!!!! I don't understand why the teachers are not offended and ask them to not bring in entree's to eat during class?? Am I over reacting again?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend of Nothing

So we started out to Branson around noon on Friday. The winter storm warnings meant nothing to us, I just pretended like I didn't know what was going on with the weather. Geoff had a Yellow Ribbon Event that he was attending for work and it was just during the day. So of course since I was able, I tagged along. Driving down there was nice. Half way there we hit some flurries, but nothing serious and then right before Springfield the snow was getting bad. No one was plowing or salting the roads and there were cars everywhere on the side of the road. I was doing some serious praying and it must have worked because we arrived without incident and about 5 inches of snow on the ground.
If you have ever been to Branson then you know its full of people, traffic, lighted signs. {i figure if anyone wants a Vegas fix (minus the gambling) and needs to see lighted signs and a show they can always substitute Branson}. The town was DEAD! Every other hotel was closed for the season and what was open was closed due to the weather!! Thank goodness our hotel was open and the restaurant was serving food. Even the Subway was closed due to the snow! Since we disconnected our cable, I watched Food Network as much as I could and got my fix on Reality TV. I should be good for another 6 months! It was so nice to get away and know that my kids were in good hands. Well actually they were spoiled to the core and I am now having to 'fix' it all, but it was still worth it!
So now I am back to my reality. School work out the wazoo and super busy kiddos!