Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Food Fest

So I am now sort of adjusting to school. 5 classes and 4 kids, etc. I can do it, right? Like I said before, it will be like going through child birth. I will forget how hard it was when its all over!
So since when is it okay to eat in class? I can understand a drink or gum, geez....it is college. BUT how about a Subway sandwich? Oh better yet a box of animal crackers?? Last week one guy brought in a package of saltines?? Its not like this is *quiet* food. Chex mix, Cheetos, deli sandwich from QT. I just don't get it. First of all its gross and second of all its rude! So after dealing with the crazy parking lot daily, I also have to endure noisy foods and rude people that don't know how to eat with their mouths closed!!!!! I don't understand why the teachers are not offended and ask them to not bring in entree's to eat during class?? Am I over reacting again?


Shannon said...

Um, no. You're not overreacting! That would bug me, too!