Thursday, February 11, 2010

poop deck

So I got an A on the first 2 papers that I had to write! I think maybe my teacher accidentally gave me someone else's grade?!?
So we were attacked by winter weather this week. The girls finally went back to school today!! I am so glad that we can resume normalcy. I surely enjoy my girls being home but man am I happy when we can get back to the routine.
I made chili the other night for dinner and we sat down to eat dinner and Macy innocently asked why sailors refer to their boats as 'she'. Geoff made up some lame answer and we all laughed and then I am not sure how but the convo went from pirates and boats to the 'poop deck' and the girls could not contain themselves. It did not help that we were eating chili. The uncontrollable laughter, giggles and snorting were something that I will never forget.