Thursday, June 12, 2008


On a warm St Louis summer night, with the Arch and city lights in the background......Ahhh....It was fabulous. A night out, no kids, only my husband and 30,000 screaming fans! It was great!
So we took the metro to the Landing and ate at Hannegan's for dinner. Geoff had a burger and I had a rueban (no kraut) and a Red Stripe. Then we road the metro to Busch Stadium and got there an hour early. Which was good because there was an issue with our seats. We 'ended' up in seats along the third baseline next to the field.
The Black Crowes played for about 45 minutes and sounded real good too. They did not play 'She talks to Angels'. Chris Robinson wore black pants, long sleeved white white button up shirt and a black vest!! I started sweating when I saw him! Busch Stadium as a venue was great. I think that they were 'testing' the concert to see if they will have future concerts there. If everyone on the field had been in seats then the stadium would have been totally sold out. The had plywood on the field and 2-3 inch rubber mats on top of that. Being the big Cardinal Fans that we are, we were worried about the grass. The stage was in center field and the lighting was rippled waves over the whole stadium and it was cool looking.
DMB played for 2 hours and then came out for another 45 minute encore. Dave said that it was the first time that he had smelled weed in a baseball stadium! As for everything else he had to say, we could not understand him and Geoff said that they needed sub titles on the screens to translate his mumbling...the music was great. Tim Reynolds wore a Cardinals hat and played on a red and white guitar. The drummer wore a Cardinals jersey! They really are sooooo good live. My favorite song was 'Tripping Billies' and we were a little disappointed that he didn't sing 'American Baby', but that would have been my only complaint. I drank $50 worth of beer and didn't get a t-shirt which I am still upset about. They had a really cool red shirt that had the cardinals lettering on the front, but it said Dave Matthews Band and on the back where a players name would have been it said Busch and then in place of the players number it was 08, for 2008. It was cool and they were sold out. I have even looked on Ebay for one luck! Oh and the only celebrity we saw was Mike Bush from News Channel 5. He looks much older in person....
But it was the best date that I have been on in a long time.....I pulled this pic from the RFT online....