Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today I am going to skip my normal Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.....But I will be back next week, don't you worry...
I wanted to send a big Thank you to all of our Veterans out there.
I just returned from the Veterans Day Assembly at my girls' school. The twins preschool class led the Pledge of Allegiance and Macy is in the choir and they sang 'Our Heros will Live On', by Teresa Jennings.
There were several Veterans in attendance and they were all honored by name.
We were brought to tears by a 3rd grader that sang the Star Spangled Banner and a special poem for the Veterans that were no longer with us.
The kids especially loved the motorcycles that ride around the circle in the front of the school. The kids line up along the sidewalk and carry signs of Thanks.....
There are so many Veterans in my life to be Thankful for. Here are a few.....

Bit Griffin
Michael Griffin
Ted Quillinan
Geoffrey Wegrzyn
Mike Peters
Joseph Barczak
Mat Bradford
Billy Forthmann

I am so proud of our Country and what it stands for. God Bless America!


Jo-Jo said...

My father and my Uncle both served and I am so thankful for them and all of the rest!

Shannon said...

I was late getting my kids to school today... while I was signing them in, the secretary was calling two students back to the office. They had hung the flg this morning... upside down! On Veteran's Day, no less! Oops!

Oh, and I tried the BBQ cupcakes Monday night for dinner... they were a hit! Thanks!