Monday, November 3, 2008

Mani and Pedi's

So after having 4 girls....the older they get the more they need to 'primp'. I Struggled for forever with nail polish. I use the stuff on my toes, but I hardly ever paint my own finger nails.
But the girls love love love it all. And I never could get them to sit still and we were always in awkward positions and they wore my patience then....UNTIL I put them in the sink! It works. They are in the right spot and I sit on the toliet (not going of course) and we paint away. They can't get up and go get something while they are drying....they can't move at all! It fabulous!
Just thought that I would share this wonderful new way to trap your kids and please them at the same time!


oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo said...

Never had a problem painting Ariel's nails -- She would always sit still -- She loves to have her nails and fingers painted. When I paint mine Aden says mommy me -- I would tell him no it's for girls. So now when he paints he paints his nails. Not Good! LOL

Love that idea -- I will pass it on to my sister because Jay loves her nails painted but gets up and runs around.


Jo-Jo said...

Oh to have a little girl!

Allison said...

Angela would always smudge her nails when I did them. Now I take with me to the nail place. They do such a great job that she doesn't want to ruin them!

I love how you use the sink! Great idea!

Jay @halftime lessons said...

LOL This looks so familiar...

Nice post, and thanks for stopping by mine! I look forward to keeping up with you!