Sunday, September 21, 2008


Strassenbash 2008

The old Threshers with their antique John Deere's in the Parade~

So we went to the Strassenbash on Saturday. Its just a little festival in the town where we live. It reminds me that its finally FALL!!! The parade was at 11 am and then we met Grammie, Pop and Grandma B afterwards and had a lunch that consisted of hotdogs, ice cream, cowbell potatoes, ribeye steak sandwiches, 2 funnel cakes, soda and parade candy! Grammie and Pop were in charge of the food! The girls went down the jumbo slide, big bouncy house, won prizes at the kiddie booths and enjoyed some great music!
The Chamber of Commerce has a 50/50 Raffle every year and a few years ago, my father-in-law won! I entered for the first time, I am not a big raffle enterer. With 4 kids, its hard to write your name on entry tickets, etc. But I spent $5 on raffle tickets just for the heck of it and guess what?! They called me Sunday after church and I WON 2nd Place!!!!!!!! So the weekend ended fantastic! Needless to say, it was well worth my time to stand at the booth with 3 irritated little ones for 7-8 minutes filling out little tiny tickets each with my name, address and phone number!! Whoo-Hoo!!
Here are a few pictures of the kids...

Emma and Kaelyn being driven by the Old Threshers Train~

Grandma B and Sophie~

The Twins on the slide~