Monday, September 15, 2008

2nd Dance Class

So we had our 2nd Dance class today. So at 7am, I hear little voices, "Do we have dance today or school today?" "I don't know, I hope that we have both." The twins love dance and school. How cool is that?!

So this picture of Kaelyn was taken at 8am. She is talking to Daddy on the phone about what she is going to do throughout the day. "We have dance, and I am already dressed and ready to go. I have to be careful while I eat so I don't get my dance clothes dirty with cereal, then we are going to come home and watch Ariel"

She is cracking me up. Its 8am, dance doesn't start until 10:30. She is totally dressed (-the shoes) and had her dance bag over her shoulder! She is already prepared for everything! She had me pack Kleenex in her dance bag and a jacket. "Just in case it gets too cold, mom."

Emma? She's downstairs totally dressed already watching Ariel. Sophie is waking up and my day has officially begun!


Shannon said...

Too cute!

My girls have the same ballet bags (but they haven't done dance in two years... I took ballet for almost 8 years, but I can't get them interested, oh well)

Smoochiefrog said...

Visiting from Welcome to the Nut House. Nice place you've got here!

What cute future ballerinas! My eldest dancing queen has that same bag. It's gotten too small to hold all her stuff though. :)

I also have a K girl, only we spell hers Kaylin. Love the name! :)