Thursday, September 11, 2008

Door Remote and Rantings

Embarrasingly enough I would like to know how many other people have walked up to their front door loaded down with purses, bags, misc. items from the car, groceries, etc. and hit the unlock button on the car door unlocker thingy? And then stood there for a minute and hit it again wondering why the front door didn't open???
Yes, Folks. I have done this several times and I still amaze myself when I realize how long I stood there completely puzzled and couldn't figure out what it was that I was doing wrong???
Thank goodness, Geoffrey got that hunk of junk out of the garage and I can rightfully claim my spot again. I need a sign that says, 'This space belongs to Mom. This space does not belong to little chairs, bicycles, wagons or spare shoes.' Or maybe I should make my husband have the girls put away all of their crap when they are done playing! If I come home one more time at midnight from work and have to move everything before I pull into the garage......there's going to be a big pile of 'crap' on the street for the trash man!