Friday, September 12, 2008

neighborhood kids.....

Ok. So this happened last year and someone was asking me to repost the story, so here goes.....

There are 2 neighbor kids (siblings) that live in my neighborhood. The younger one is in kindergarten and the older one is in 1st grade. They come to my door 2-3 times a week and want to play and when I tell them no, its dinner time or no Macy is doing homework, they just stare at me. They don't say, "OK, thanks!", they just stare at me. I have learned that I just have to start closing the door on their faces and they finally get the hint. So reluctantly everyonce in awhile I let them play in the backyard...... I am beginning to think that their parents just don't want them around.
Sunday I should have known better because I have had to send them home for being rough with the twins, but Macy was at a friends house and the twins were bored and they wanted to play. So they jumped on the trampoline some and I had to tell the 'boy' to quit body slamming Emma. My Emma and Kaelyn are only 3 1/2. So then Geoff was doing his weekend chore of cleaning out the garage so I can park my new car in it!! And I was sitting on the swing in the backyard supervising while Sophie was taking her nap. Well why does everything happen when you turn around for a minute, or just simply go to the restroom. Damn bladder! Anyway I am making my way back to my swing with a cook book and I am looking for recipe to make this cheese stuff that you mix and freeze and then slice it over a hot steak straight off of the grill!!! yummy..........back to my story.....I hear Geoff asking the neighbor girl to repeat something. Now mind you, Geoff can't stand these 2 kids and is already irritated that I let them come over and play. I walk over by Geoff and he looks at me and repeats himelf. He says," Did you just ask my daughter to say 'eat shit'? And of course, I am like holy crap what it going on. I jumped in and was very stern with out making her cry and told them both that they needed to go home and that we don't talk like that at our house and that once she was home she needed to tell her mother to call me. So Geoff breaks into the whole story and tells me that she had put her hands on Kaelyn's shoulders and was telling her to say eat shit and then she looked at her little brother and was laughing saying look, she will say what ever I tell her to say!!!! I thought that I had died. Like I said before, if this didn't happen to my girls I would be laughing my ass off right now. So I calmed down and explained to the twins that we don't say bad words, you know the whole 9 yards. In the meantime I can see the little girl from my backyard every once in awhile peaking out of her kitchen window and I am patiently waiting for her mom to call me. Well I have no patience and I finally called her. Talk about freaking hoosiers! She said that she was sorry that she didn't call me right away because her and her husband had gone and spent the weekend in a hotel room and she slept on her neck wrong and took a muscle relaxer and was tired. Like I care!?! So I proceeded to tell her what her daughter said and she apologized and said she was sorry and blah blah blah. I got off the phone even more irritated.....And then I was even more irritated when I saw them back outside playing and harrasing other kids about 20 minutes later!!!!!!! Now if that was one of my girls they would have been in trouble for probably the rest of the day. The last thing they would have been doing was playing outside.
This is also a family that boasts by saying that they just don't know how we do it with 4 children and they have to have her mom take their 2 kids every weekend because they are so stressed out. That is not an exaggeration. Her mother takes the 2 kids every Friday night and drops them off every Sunday around noon. What in the hell do they need to get a freaking hotel room to get away for?? Get the hell away from what? OK. So I feel better now that I got that off of my chest!!!

OH and the kicker. I kinda have to be nice to this lady! She works in my OB's office and she brings me home free birth control when ever I ask!!! And everyone knows that I need lots of that!!!!