Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apple Pickin' Friday

We went Apple Pickin' with the pre-schoolers/pat group on Friday.
Emma, doing what she does best.....being difficult...
Sophie just being cute!
Since I spent the morning with the girls doing something fun while Macy was in school, Macy and I went and did 'big girl' stuff by ourselves. This is a rare occurance since our schedules are so crazy. So we went and got our nails painted.....ooolalala. Macy picked a WildCat blue color (that she has already started to pick off) and I got a pale pink....kinda boring color really. Then we went and ate mexican food and hung out at Target. It was really fun....wish I had a picture of us!
So now we are off to make home made apple pie......yum yum yum...


Shannon said...

I love fall activities like this!

And how fun to have a special afternoon with Macy :)