Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peters Boys 1st Birthday

So we had a busy busy past few days! The Peters were in from Las Vegas and we got to love on some baby boys....My super-duper sister-in-law Angie, was in town for a wedding, friends wedding shower and her own twin baby boys 1st Birthday Party, then it was back off to Las Vegas they went! But they will be back in 3 weeks for another wedding that Angie is we'll get to love on them some more!! Check out these cute little "Cupcakes"


Shannon said...

Those cakes are adorable! And the boys, too, of course!

Kathy_in_Colorado said...

Adorable! I have a challenge going on at my blog if you are interested (?) I challenge you to go in to your drawers, closets, cabinets right now and find something that would go with my post on Thingamajig - link back to me to show everyone what we are doing - leave a comment with your post linked for others to go view. I would love to stroll down memory lane with you!