Friday, October 10, 2008

Doodles and China

So I am in need of some caffiene this morning......Its early!
So yesterday I offered to watch my 2 nephews and 1 neice while their schools were closed due to a mad man on the loose yesterday....long story. Anyway everyone was happily playing outside when Joey, the soon to be 8 year old came in the house.

Joey: Aunt Brooks, I went down the slide and got my butt all wet.
Me: Let me see, Oh its not bad. When you are all done playing outside I will wash your shorts for you.
Joey: I am done playing.
Me: OK, let me got get you a pair of shorts, give me yours and I will put them in the washer.
Joey: Can you get me the shorts first, I don't want anyone to see my doodle.

Now you have to remember that I have 4 girls. I have no idea how boys operate. So when I heard him say Doodle, I just about lost it!

Me: Joey! Where did you get the word Doodle? (laughing)

Joey: Thats what we call it! (laughing)

So I get him some shorts. Since I only have girls, I find a pair of orange cotton shorts, but they had a bow at the waist and he made me take it off!

A few hours later, I mentioned the word Doodle. I got laughs and snickers from Ben, the youngest. Sarah, 6 started laughing too.

Sarah: Aunt Brooks, boys have Doodles.

Like I was already supposed to know this.

Me: Well then what do girls have?
Sarah: Girls have China.

So I later find out from my SIL that the boys got the discription Doodle from watching the Simpsons movie with their dad. And Sarah got China from her little friend. Her friend was saying, "Vagina" but Sarah didn't get it (I'm glad at the age of 6) so she thought that she said China.

So thats my story on boys and girls and Doodles and China.


Annie said...

Vagina is a fan favorite at my house.
I've tagged you! COme play!

oº˚ Queen Bee ˚ºo said...

I have never heard of that one! To funny! I just call it a pee-pee or bird! Thanks for sharing!

Much Love

Jo-Jo said...

that is too funny! My boy started calling his pete. HUH? I have no idea where he got it from.

Shannon said...

LOL, one of my nephews used to say "china" when referencing his sister's girl-parts!