Thursday, July 3, 2008

So I started this blog and then have not done anything with it. Well I am back. Here's what has been going on.....
Most recently we celebrated Macy's 9th Birthday on June 29th ! I can't believe that my baby is 9. We started out small and somehow turned into a full blown party. I created a Scavenger Hunt. I hid 10 clues throughout the house that ultimately led Macy and the Kids to her present from Geoff and I. A CD player for her room, which I am going to have to figure out how to adjust the volume so I never hear it upstairs!

The Kids were like a swarm of bees buzzing in a pack in the back yard, front yard and throughout the house! We did the presents once she found the chest full of gold, and then we did the cake and I forgot the ice cream. I now have a huge thing of vanilla ice cream n the freezer. Anyone is welcome to come over and have sundae's with us. Just give me a 30 minute holla so I can make sure that I have enough clean bowls! Then the Kids played on the trampoline until they were all picked up one by one........
Then we had Macy's favorite BBQ Pork Steaks and 'sweet' beans. They are really just Bush's Baked Beans, but she calls them 'Sweet Beans'. We also had macaroni salad and corn. She said it was the best Birthday Party ever, so I think that I did alright!

On Friday June 27th we attended our first River City Rascals Baseball game. They are a Frontier League, and whoa it was fun. They are sooooooo fan oriented and the stadium is so small that you are practically seated on the field! The Rascals lost but as you can see, we still had a blast!