Saturday, July 12, 2008

Emma Belle

So my cute little Emma was fighting with Kaelyn again, who knows what about this time. They fight all the time lately, it was probably about the sky color. So I told Emma that she needed to apologize to Kae and hug and kiss her. And I told Kae to do the same to Emma. So Emma says that she needs to tell me a secret first. I bent down to her little ear and she tells me, "I don't have that word." I was a little puzzled at first....then I asked her, "if she needed to pick it up from the store?" She says, "No, I get my words in my brain, but I don't have that one." I was trying everything in my power to not lose it and start laughing. Kaelyn was just standing there looking at us wanting to get her hug and kiss over with so she could go play. I told Emma that I could spell the word, then she would have it in her brain so she could A-P-O-L-O-G-I-Z-E to her sister and go play. I think that she knew that I was on to the fact that she didn't want to apologize and she was 'rebelling' against my harsh harsh punishment. She finally gave up and looked at Kae and said, "sorry..." very quietly and hugged and kissed her sister and they went about their day. Aren't kids funny?