Sunday, July 13, 2008

pending vacation

So we are leaving for vacation to the coast of North Carolina in just 3 days. I have not started packing. Pack for 4 kids, 2 adults for 7 days and then try and remember enough underwear for everyone. Let alone figure out where it will all fit in the car!! It totally stresses me out!! I have been doing so much to prepare for this trip. Saving money has been #1. I had a garage sale to have gas money! I will let you know the total we spent on gas after I have it figured out sometime in August.
The girls are driving me crazy. All I have heard for 3 weeks is:

"When is 3 weeks?"
"Can we leave in 2 days instead of 2 weeks?"
"Where is the beach?", "In North Carolina", I said. "NO mom WHERE is the beach?" "I will show you the map tomorrow, go to bed!"
"I want to go in a airplane!?!"
"Can I take my Nintendo DS?" "Oh yes" I said to this response, "Anything to keep you quiet on the road!"
"Can we leave today?"
"Will Cameron teach me how to boogie board?"
"We get the play the Wii??? YIPPPEEEE!!!!"
"But why can't we leave today, mom?"

So today is Sunday and we are leaving in the middle of the night on Tuesday so we can be at the Kentucky Derby Museum when they open on Wednesday and then we are off to High Point, North Carolina to eat dinner with Ms. Mary. Then its 4 more hours to Beaufort. We should get to Lise's house at 9 or 10 pm. I am so excited! Last time we were here I got a big fat diamond ring!!!! But I don't think that I will get another one anytime soon! I can't wait to see my Granny Griffin, Uncle John will be there too. And we are all going to fit under 1 roof! The 6 of us, Lise and Cameron, GG and Uncle John! Its going to be a fun 6 days....then we get home and that same night Macy has her last softball game and then at 6am the next morning her and I are off to Chicago with Grandma Gail, Christee and Hannah for 2 days! American Girl, here we come!
I am going to get all of my summer traveling done at once! Whew!