Friday, August 1, 2008

switch flops

So if you know me, then you'll know that I normally only wear flip flops. Tennis shoes in the snow and flip flops every other day. I think that I have 50 pair! On vacation I found these FF called Switch Flops. OMG someone deserves a gold medal! They are the basic black or brown FF that have a velcro strap! Only if I were smart enough to have thought of this. You ask what the velcro strap is for? Interchangeable straps, all different colors, patterns, stripes, circles, anything that you want. SO you only need one pair of FF and how ever many pairs of different straps! So they come with a standard black with white polka dot strap with a pearl thingy on them and they are too cute. My Aunt was gracious enough to buy me a black pair!!!! I have already ordered more straps and am thinking about maybe making some!!!! You can even order the wedge FF or the Kitty FF.....the possiblilites are endless......They are nice FF too. They are not flimsy, they are thick and cushiony...