Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Romans 408

I started keeping a Bible in the car. It was kinda by accident, but Sophie (my 3 yr old) likes to thumb through it while we are waiting for the twins to get out of school for the day. Well one morning last week Emma wanted to read it on her way to school. Half way there she says Mom, "I can't find Romans 4 zero 8."
I was puzzled and humbled at the same time. I figured that she meant Romans 4:8 since there is not a Romans 408. She is only 6. So Kaelyn is telling her, "give it to me and I will find it!" Emma would not give it up and then they argued. So when we got there I pulled into the parking lot and found Romans 4:8 and read it to them.

Romans 4:8 (New Living Translation)
Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him.

After I read it, Emma looked at me and said, "Yeah that's it. Now can you please drop us off so we are not late for breakfast?"

How amazing is it that she just seemed to need to hear the words of God before school? Did she need to be reminded to follow Him throughout her day? I was totally analyzing this little morning drive convo? I am totally amazed by my girls everyday and they make me smile. I kept thinking back to the scripture and could not figure out how it was supposed to 'tie' into my day, but then again Emma is the one that wanted to hear it so I just figured that maybe it tied into her day somehow.

WELL....when I picked up the girls from school, Emma asked to see the Bible again. As we pulled into the driveway and started getting out of the car, Emma walked up to my seat and shoved the Bible in my face, opened to the Table of Contents and said, "Mom, this is it Romans PAGE 408. I couldn't find the chapter!" You should have seen my face! I knew that I was over analyzing our morning chat! But it was still a blessing to be able to share the Word with her and the other girls at a unexpected time and it made me smile every time I thought about it all day. God is Good.


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pixie said...

What a great idea!