Friday, February 20, 2009

Annie ~ The Movie Revisited

So when I was little I watched Annie prolly everyday. I still have the VHS tape from when we lived on Butler Military Base, in Okinawa Japan. It was 'copied' at the video store....I have a bunch of those illegal movies.....anyway. I even had the album! Remember those? I am sure that I even wanted red curly hair too!!!
Thanks to technology and grandma's my girls now own a DVD of Annie. They love it. But after sitting with them and watching it as an adult in this day in age, I have to forward through Mrs. Hannagan's drunken song while fully clothed in the bathtub and some other scenes that I never would have thought as a child were anything to worry about. But as an adult I don't want my girls to think that ladies run around walking funny and falling into bathtubs singing horribly. Am I over reacting? Since the twins are only 5 and Sophie is 2, I really don't think that I have that much to worry about. Macy, 9 would much rather be watching something else, but who knows, I caught her watching Clifford the other day because she was too lazy to get up and change the channel......she couldn't find the remote! We actually have it hidden because the TV downstairs is programed to certain channels and you have to use the remote to watch the regular channels....make sense? Anyway. I guess I need to find them a soundtrack for the movie. I think that they love the music the best...and after all these years I am amazed that I remember all the words to almost every song!! So maybe I need the CD for me too.......hmmm. Since I don't know how to download music and don't have an IPod, then I may have to search
Any suggestions?


♥georgie♥ said...

Annie was my youngest sisters FAV movie when we were kids....she would torture us with lilest bean just discovered Annie and I am being tortured all over again LOL

it really is a cute movie